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Current Available Models

Image of GW Basses DC-2B HRV Bolt On Neck Body Outline

New! DC-2B HRV
"Hot Rod Vintage" Bolt Neck

  • HRV Features and Specs

  • HRV Pricing and Options
  • Image of DC-1 Body Design

    Neck Through

  • DC-1 Features and Specs

  • DC-1 Pricing and Options
  • Image of SC-1 Body Design

    Neck Through

  • SC-1 Features and Specs

  • SC-1 Pricing and Options
  • Image of Special Edition Body Outline
    Special Edition

  • UBP Features and Specs

  • UBP Pricing and Options

  • What's New & In Progess

    Want to see how the current batch of basses are coming along? Anything else new going on here at GW Basses? Check the What's New and In Progress blog for build progress pics and updates.

    In Stock Basses Available For Sale

    Sometimes I'll spend some time looking over all of the wood I have in stock. I'll put certain pieces and sometimes figured topsets together to see how they might look. Other times I'm working with a specific sound or look in mind. If something strikes my fancy, I'll start building a bass with that wood combination even though no one has ordered that particular bass. Completed basses like this as well as a few in progress are listed here. Every now and then I might list a used bass for sale as well, possibly one of my own personal basses, perhaps one I bought used or in bad shape and repaired or modified it, or possibly even something I may have taken in on trade for a piece of equipment I sold, etc. Look them over and let me know if anything interests you!

    Figured Topsets and Fingerboards in stock

    I'm always looking for unique woods for tops, bodies, and fingerboards and when I find a set or unique piece of wood I buy it even though I don't bass planned for it yet. Often, I may not decide on the rest of the woods to go with it for quite some time, as I wait for just the right combination of woods and patterns to fall into place that just stands out. Here are some of the woods for figured tops and others that I currently have available. If one strikes your fancy please don't hesitate to contact me about it for your next bass!

    NOTE: I will only hold woods without a deposit for a bass for 30 days. If after 30 days I have not received a deposit for a bass with the woods selected and put on hold for that customer, I will relist the woods as available, and will not put them on hold for that customer again until an additional 90 days has past. I reserve the right at any time to refuse to put woods on hold due to additional customer demands, market availability of certain woods, pricing, or too many requests from the same customer to put woods on hold without recieving any deposit.

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